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Lanificio Brunetto Morganti & C. has been a company specialized in the production of clothing fabrics for over 40 years. Founded in 1972 on the initiative of the brothers Brunetto and Paolo Morganti, it is a reference point in the sustainable production of articles with natural raw materials such as wool, cashmere, cotton, silk, linen, and of industrial origin such as polyamide, polyester and viscose microfibers , respecting the made in Italy.

The fabrics of Lanificio Brunetto Morganti & C. have always been processed in an environmentally responsible way. Attention to the environment is present throughout the production chain and every innovation is integrated into the production processes in order to reduce environmental impacts. The technique used for the processing of recycled materials has historical roots and is known by the name of Cardato. The company contributes significantly to the recovery of materials that would otherwise have polluted the environment by providing them with a new life, obtaining the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) n.117 / 19 certification; moreover, the quantity of water used for processing is minimal.

The plant is also equipped with a photovoltaic system, therefore self-sufficient from an energy point of view, thus demonstrating further attention to the theme of renewables. All production cycles are declared, traceable and compliant with standards; the accurate labeling is legible and resistant. The main information is present in full compliance with traceability in accordance with the latest European directives. Lanificio Brunetto Morganti & C. carefully selects the materials from the origin to the last production phase, in order to better protect the consumer, thus ensuring the compliance, safety and actual value.

We are present at the following international fairs:
Munich fabric start
Premier Vision
Milano unica – Moda In
STIB - Barcellona
Modissimo – Porto

History, present and future

100% Made in Italy from 1972

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Made In Italy

Our products have been conceived, designed and produced in our factory in Italy since 1972.


Certified recycled materials (GRS 117/19) and renewable energy guarantee an eco-sustainable production.


For us innovation is the primary survival process for ensure growth and the ability to remain on the market.


With Recycle Movement, we're making your sustainable claim credible and a solid fact.


Our products, in addition to being sold on the Italian market, are exported all over the world.


Quality and Affidability, these are the characteristics that, since 1972, make our company a strategic partner.

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We will be present at:
MUNICH FABRIC START - STUDIO S2F230 (2nd floor above hall 4)

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Project: Internationalization di LANIFICIO BRUNETTO MORGANTI & C. S.P.A
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The project’s main aim to raise the profile and promote LANIFICIO BRUNETTO MORGANTI & C. S.P.A across foreign markets at an international level